Free Classes

Ok, so what's this nonsense about free classes? Well I took my 150 plus pages and video I assembled in regarding to developing automated systems and have made them free.

They focus on MultiCharts, the platform I speak highly of and use with my own systems. These courses are primarily for those knew to algorithmic trading and have no programming background at all.

If you are more advanced, they likely are not for you. But if you know nothing about programming and or algorithmic trading then I think you'll enjoy them.

Be warned it's a long road though. Don't expect to read these courses and start printing money. That will not happen. The road I am on took me a good three years to get a system into production. And even then I had to learn a bit to get to this point in time.

Nothing in these courses talk about trading itself. Confusing great signaling with great performance overlooks the more critical aspects of this business. Like risk management. Something also discussed in these courses.

So, enjoy. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

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