About 142

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.49.43 AMWelcome to 142 Trading, a site maintained and operated by Tony Pallotta of Denver, CO.

I began my trading career in 2005, and like most, found instant success and thought I could do no wrong. I doubled my trading account in less than a year. I was a trader. Then reality hit. Bad habits were highlighted by Mr. Market in 2008. Things like not honoring stops quickly surfaced.

Never one to quit, I was determined to learn from my mistakes and find success. I spent countless hours studying charts, price action, order flow and more. Though I began searching for the holy grail, my journey did not truly start until I became quantitative with a focus on probability and managing risk.

Today, I use fully automated, algorithmic based systems to trade the futures market. Systems I developed, and trade using my own capital. I no longer manage trades, but systems.

So what is the purpose of this site? To help other traders develop their own systematic based trading systems. And along the way, find the success that has eluded many.

From educational courses, to development journals, market commentary and other commentary, this site is full of resources.

Though the majority of trade volume is systems based, within the retail community, systematic trading is in its infancy. And yet the benefits far exceed those of the traditional discretionary, "I think this may happen" approach.

Words like algorithmic or quantitative may seem daunting, but beyond their truly simple meaning, the barrier to entry is far lower than many realize. I've been there. I've overcome the learning curve and along the way found an edge, discipline and emotional balance.

So if you are willing to begin the journey, or want to learn more, 142Trading was created for you.